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Here are some tips to help you sell your house for more, save you money and time.

Housing inventory is at an all-time low and Buyer demand is at an all-time high.  So good houses, in good locations that are priced right sell very quickly.  That said, the market will not correct houses with problems.  Here are some tips to make sure when your house goes on the market that it will sail through the process. 

Buyers today are looking for houses that are “move-in-ready.”  I hear it all the time.  Buyers make a decision within a few minutes of walking through the door on whether they want to make an offer.  A thorough cleaning goes a long way to making a great first impression.  A wise Seller will view their property the way a Buyer would.  Look at the windows… are they dirty; do the carpets need to be cleaned…the Buyer will certainly see this. 

This also goes for the area outside of the house…Curb appeal is a key to getting Buyers to fall in love with your house.  In addition to keeping the lawn trimmed, look at the shrubs in front of the house…If they are higher than the windows you should consider having them trimmed back or removed.  Mulching the gardens or planting some flowers will also make a good impression. 

In PA, the Seller is required to complete a disclosure listing the features of the house.  In addition, almost all Buyers will elect to have a whole house inspection.  If you, as the Seller, do a whole house inspection you will find out exactly what the Buyer will see when they do their inspection…And…You get the opportunity to correct any of the deal killers that show up in the inspection report.  Peeling paint, railings, GFCI’s, asbestos, mold, septic issues…All of these potential problems can be uncovered and give you the opportunity to correct them before putting you property on the market. 

Decluttering is crucial to making a positive first impression.  You’re moving, right?  So pack up the things that you’re going to take with you.  In addition to removing all the personal memorabilia from your fridge, pack up the personal pictures of the family.  Give away, sell or discard things that you will not need and that you don’t want. Rather than piling all those boxes in the garage, rent a storage locker and work to clean out the garage.

One other incentive Sellers can provide to Buyers is to provide a Home Warranty.  I’ve found that Home Warranties cut down the number of “little things” that Buyers will often ask Sellers to correct as a result of the Home Inspection.  Some of the Home Warranties that I use also protect the Seller during the sale of the house.

If you are looking for help with cleaning your windows, lawn care, heating and air conditioning  systems, house cleaning, electrical, roofing, home warranties…or anything related to the repair and upkeep of your house.  CALL ME.  I have some great people that have helped me and my clients.